Rex's Planted Tank Guide

Your Source Of Information For Planted Tanks, Lighting, CO2, Fertilizers and Substrate.

Welcome to Rex's Guide to Planted Tanks

Getting Started So you want to start a planted aquarium or already have one and have questions. Well you have come to the right place. In this Guide I will attempt to cut though all the BS and misinformation and even bad information and give you the straight scoop. If this is your first stop along the path to enjoyment of planted tanks sit back and enjoy yourself. If however, you have come here after seeing some of the other sites out there you might find yourself confused. That's to be expected. There is a ton of information out there. And you could spend days trying to figure it out, or you could come here and get my take on how to have a successful planted tank.

As you go through my guide you will read about substrate, plants, lighting, CO2, algae, briefly about RO and maintenance. What I offer is for the new hobbyist an opportunity to do it right the first time and to also re-educate those of you who are already established hobbyist but were lacking information along the way.

Remember! If you have questions or comments about the information contained in the Guide please feel free to contact me. If you feel you have found an error in the Guide please contact me and let me know.

The Best Aquarium Regulator

My goal is to provide you with the Best Darn Aquarium Regulator that money can buy. I build each and every regulator as they are ordered. I build the regulator that you want. Not the regulator that some slave labor Chinese peasant builds.

Want to feed more than one aquarium with CO2? Not a problem. Need two CO2 feed lines for a large aquarium? Not a problem. Need multiple solenoids to control multiple tanks? Not a problem. I currently build regulators with four different needle valves. No other regulator gives you that choice. You take the needle valve they choose. Not the valve that fits your budget or your needs.

About Rex Grigg

I was born in Boise Idaho in August 1960. I attended 1st-9th grade in Nampa Idaho. I attended 10th and part of 11th grade in Smithfield Utah. I finished up High School in Pocatello Idaho, graduating in 1978.

In September 1978 I joined the United States Marine Corps. I served 1 year, 6 months and 16 days before being given a medical discharge. I then moved to Kennewick Washington where I lived until January of 1989 when I moved to Portland Oregon. I currently work for the United States Postal Service. I have been married twice. I have two grown children. I enjoy fine cigars and good beer. I'm currently owned by two birdsmy two birds. I have several planted aquariums. That's about it.

Important Disclaimer

This is a work in progress. Information may change without notice. All opinions are mine and do not reflect the views of this station or it's advertisers! I'm a cantankerous (not so) old coot and tell it like I see it. If for some strange reason that offends you then head somewhere else. This advice is worth exactly what you have paid for it.

I'm not responsible for your mistakes or problems. If you can't pound two rocks together without hurting yourself or others then maybe planted aquariums are not for you. If you are sensitive and can't take the truth in my blunt in your face fashion then perhaps you would be better off going somewhere where it's warm and cuddly.